Sachin Garg, Graduate Research Assistant

Sachin Garg, Graduate Research Assistant

Sachin Garg

Ph.D. student at George Mason University’s School of Policy, Government & International Affairs and a Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics (CHPRE). He researched the role of Big and Open Data in International Development and how it may potentially impact healthcare, especially in the context of economic development. Sachin is trained as an engineer and was working in the Information Technology in various capacities prior to joining the PhD program. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Allahabad, India.

Maryam Mohammad, Graduate Research Assistant

Maryam Mohammad, Graduate Research Assistant

Maryam Mohammad

A Masters Student at George Mason University in the Health and Medical Policy program. Her research interests include public and global health issues, specifically in U.S national security through global disease detection. She attained her Bachelors Degree in Health Administration and Policy from GMU. Under the supervision of Dr. Len Nichols, Maryam was working on the SIM project.

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Kyung Min Lee

Ph.D. graduate at George Mason University's School of Public Policy and a former Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics (CHPRE). His research interests included Health Policy, Labor Policy, Applied Micro-Econometrics, and Program Evaluation. Under the supervision of Dr. Len Nichols, he worked on the Virginia healthcare payment reform project with a focus on collecting data and building statistical models to analyze healthcare cost variations by various healthcare conditions. He holds a master in Public Policy from George Mason University.


Stephen P. Petzinger, BIS

Has completed first year as a Master’s student; was nominated for a David A. Winston Health Policy Scholarship; and his undergraduate capstone project, Globalization and the Resurgence of Pertussis in the United States, was accepted for presentation at the Public Health Systems and Services Research (PHSSR) Keeneland Conference in Lexington, KY, and won the Robert T. Hawkes Award for Best BIS 490 Project (Bachelor of Individualized Studies award for best capstone project).  Had the pleasure of working for Dr. Nichols on multiple projects, including CareFirst, RWJF-Fairfax County, and ACA premium database, in addition to multiple other grant proposals.

He currently holds a position within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a Program Examiner in the Health Division.  He will be engaged in analysis, planning, and policy formulation to improve programmatic quality, efficiency, and financial management within the Public Health Branch.

Nicole Bruenn, Office Assistant

Nicole Bruenn

Nicole is a recent Honor's College graduate with a B.S. degree in Health Administration and Policy from George Mason University. She worked as the office assistant at CHPRE in 2015. During her time here she redesigned the Center’s website and created a monthly internal newsletter. Over the past five years, Nicole has accumulated a wide range of experiences in the healthcare field. She is currently living in New York where she hopes to work within a hospital system and attend graduate school.



Robert “Tyler” Braun

Tyler worked in CHPRE from the years 2012 to 2014. He assisted Dr. Len Nichols on Virginia's State Innovation Model (SIM) grant and aligning payment reform within the Commonwealth. Presently, he attends the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University and is pursuing a PhD in healthcare policy and research. Jointly, while pursuing his PhD, he assists DMAS in their analytic department, researching Virginia's Medicaid population. His research interests include healthcare supply-side economics, payment reform, and econometric modeling.

Shaun Walters

Shaun now works for a Chicago health system doing informatics research and clinical analytics. Developing data pipelines from the EMR into reporting and analysis tools. Specifically he helps take the clinical data that the doctors capture at the point of care using an EPIC EMR and distill it into clinical intelligence that the doctors and administrators can use for research, patient care, and operational purposes.