Dr. Nichols Quoted in the Journal Sentinel

November 17, 2014. Read the article here.…


Dr. Nichols Quoted in Washington Post

In the article, A Bad SCOTUS Ruling Could Deepen Polarization of Health Care System by Greg Sargent, Dr. Len Nichols…

Issue Briefs

New Issue Brief on Any Willing Provider and Freedom of Choice Laws

September 19, 2014. In this second Issue Brief of the new CHPRE series, Len Nichols, Director of  the Center for…


Issue Brief on States’ Engagement in Cost Control; by Stuart Butler, Dave Kendall, and Len Nichols

In this first Issue Brief of the new CHPRE series, Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation, Dave Kendall of Third…

Options for Defining Medicare Advantage Regions: An Assessment of Tradeoffs – Len M. Nichols et al

Nichols, L. “Options for Defining Medicare Advantage Regions: An Assessment of Tradeoffs,” (with Paul B. Ginsburg, Robert E. Hurley, Joy…

Events tci summit new

Inform+Engage: The TCI 2014 Policy Summit

November 12, 2014. Len Nichols participated in Virginia’s first statewide policy summit at the Commonwealth Institute in Richmond. This conference…


Len Nichols speaks at The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPMR) meeting in San Diego.

November 13, 2014. Len Nichols spoke at the annual meeting of the AAPMR meeting in San Diego. Nichols provided an…

Treniese Polk

Fighting Ebola or Fighting Fear? November 5, 2014

University Life Arlington sponsors this monthly series of academic discussions for members of the Arlington Campus community. The goal of…

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