Tracking Revenue Flows of the ACA for Virginia

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Len Nichols conducted a Virginia Medicaid Webinar ,  Tracking Revenue Flows of the ACA for Virginia, on September 9th, for the Virginia Health Information Network (VHIN).
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Kalahn Taylor-Clark presents at the Public Health Services Research (PHSR) Interest Group meeting in San Diego.


Dr. Taylor-Clark, Senior Advisor for the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics, took part on a panel presenting The Transforming Health System at the Public Health Services Research (PHSR) Interest Group meeting in San Diego. PHSR is part of the AcademyHealth Annual Research (ARM) Meeting being held June 8- 10th in San Diego.

Click here for presentation information.

Find PHSR Interest Group info here: 2014 Public Health Systems Research Interest Group Meeting

Len Nichols quoted in Associated Press Article

7M enrolled doesn’t guarantee health law’s success
WASHINGTON (AP) — By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press | April 5, 2014 | Updated: April 7, 2014 5:44am
Seven million people signed up, so there is an appetite for President Barack Obama’s health care law, but that doesn’t guarantee success for the country’s newest social program Republican opponents of the law keep pushing for a repeal, but as millions of people obtain insurance, how long can the party’s strategy remain a politically viable option? The source of the pent-up demand that propelled health care sign-ups beyond expectations could stem from the nation’s new economic reality: a shrinking middle class and many working people treading water in low-paying jobs. With fewer jobs these days that provide health benefits, there was an opening for a government program to subsidize private insurance. When Medicare and Medicaid were created in the 1960s, policymakers took it for granted that people working steady jobs would have access to health care, said Len Nichols, director of the health policy center at George Mason University in Virginia. […]

Len Nichols – Panelist at National Children’s Health Policy Conference

Len Nichols, Director for the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics, served as a panelist at the AcademyHealth’s inaugural National Children’s Health Policy Conference in Washington, DC. on February 5th. Dr. Nichols joined other health policy leaders from across the country as a member of the panel entitled, “Child Health Coverage: What Will the Future Hold?” This panel examined an overview of the latest data on coverage trends, the status of CHIP and Medicaid, and early results from health insurance exchange enrollment.

Some of Dr. Nichols’ ideas were very well received during this session, even being tweeted by @AcademyHealth:

·         RT @smithcass: Can we lower cost trajectory? If we don’t, we can’t maintain consensus for universal coverage @LenMNichols #CHPC14

·         Be willing to be creative & think about diff ways we can maintain this commitment & make sure our families stay strong @LenMNichols #CHPC14

And, was even rated as one of the Top Influencers of #CHPC14 by Symplur Hashtags @healthhashtags! Other topics discussed and presented at the NCHPC included opportunities and threats to child health insurance, the CHIPRA national evaluation findings, systems of care for children at the state and local level, new research tools and data to inform child health policy, and child health equity. For more information on NCHPC sessions and presentations, check out AcademyHealth’s blog.

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Len Nichols on panel: Tackling Health Care Costs: Finding Common Ground

The event was sponsored by the nonpartisan Alliance for Health Reform and The Commonwealth Fund. Panelists talked about both long-term overall health care spending and spending on programs such as medicare. They also proposed solutions for slowing down spending on both.  Watch C -Span video

Friday, December 13, 2013 - Alliance for Health Reform 

Despite slower health care spending growth over the last few years, long-term forecasts for overall health spending – and for public programs like Medicare – signal continuing concern.

The idea behind numerous recent proposals is to find lasting solutions, and some areas of consensus are beginning to emerge.

Many proposals recommend paying for value instead of volume through such delivery models as patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations. Some encourage improvements in market competition, by instituting competitive bidding and increasing the availability of information. There is also some agreement on establishing spending targets.

Which proposals can garner support from various policymakers and stakeholders? How much money would these proposals save and what would be their effect on quality of care? What would it take to get the ball rolling on consensus proposals, and what are the challenges to widespread adoption?

Nichols to participate in U.S. News & World Report Hospital of Tomorrow Summit

Len Nichols is scheduled to participate in the upcoming U.S. News & World Report Hospital of Tomorrow summit.  The summit will take place Nov. 4-6, 2013, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.   Dr. Nichols will be one of the participants in the luncheon keynote discussion, “Working together Toward Solutions” on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013.  See summit details

Centering Healthcare Institute 4th National Conference – October 26 -29, Washington, D.C.

Be a part of history. Join clinicians, researchers, policy makers, administrators and students who come together to discuss ideas for transforming healthcare delivery.
With more than 125 Approved Centering® clinical practice sites nationally, the Centering group healthcare model has attracted widespread recognition. Centering models include CenteringPregnancy® prenatal care and CenteringParenting® well-baby and well-woman care.   For more information about the conference  click here


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