Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine Nov/Dec 2016 Edition
Medical Home Implementa- tion in Small Primary Care Practices:  Provider Experiences and Perspectives By: Gilbert Gimm, Dan Hough, Jay Want, Treniese Polk, Margaret Rodan, and Len M. Nichols

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Visit to the White House - August 2016
CHPRE staff and research assistants tour the West Wing with former CHPRE graduate research assistant, Stephen Petzinger, who currently serves as a Program Examiner in the Health Division for the Office of Management and Budget.


GMU’s CareFirst Evaluation Team Celebrates Successes at the 2016 Team Retreat at Top of the Town in Rossyln


Journal of General Internal Medicine - November 2016 Edition
The CareFirst Patient-Centered Medical Home Program: Cost and Utilization Effects in Its First Three Years
By: Alison Cuellar, Lorens A. Helmchen, Gilbert Gimm, Jay Want, Sriteja Burla, Bradley J. Kells, Iwona Kicinger, Len M. Nichols
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